Just get out of bed.

How many days in the past several months have you gotten to the end of it and realized you did essentially… nothing?

For me, I cringe to think how many there’s been.

There have been the days I had an argument with a friend/family member and couldn’t find the strength to do anything else that day. There have been the days I opened my eyes in the morning only to realize I’m still alive, and found my way back to sleep. There have been the days I saw no future for myself and decided that any efforts I could expend to do something that day were inconsequential anyway. So why bother doing anything else but lay in the comfort of my bed.

I guess I’m just writing this to myself to remind me that when I play into that mindset, I’m doing my future self – the one that feels slightly more capable and motivated to get life on track (yes, things ebb and flow and you’re not always struck down by depression to the same degree) – a huge disservice. I’m setting myself up for failure because when I snap out of it, I realize I have nothing much to show for the last months I spent in a haze.

Just get out of bed. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, pick a task no matter how menial and make yourself do it. Eventually you’ll get all the little to-do’s off your list, and with those knocked down you’ll have a slightly-less-burdened mental capacity to chip away at the medium to-do’s. Keep at it. That’s progress. Sometimes that’s all you need to feel when you’re battling crippling depression and anxiety to realize that you’re not as incapable as your toxic thoughts are telling you.


6 responses to “Just get out of bed.

  1. I feel this. I was deep in this depression until a few days ago. Today is a better day. Thank God for the better days. Sometimes I’ll make a list of 3 simple tasks to do, and I won’t pressure myself to do any more. Once I complete those 3 tasks I’ll add 3 more simple tasks until I decide I’m done. This way I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

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  2. Such fantastic advice. Getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, maybe even taking a shower – THOSE are our accomplishments for that day. We can do it, and we can celebrate it! They always say to appreciate the small things in life. Brushing your teeth – small thing to most people, however a HUGE success for someone battling depression. So I agree, get out of bed, brush your teeth – great job today! And maybe we can do it again tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your story!

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    • Hi and thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you could relate with the post. Looking back at where I was when I wrote this a year ago, I’m now proud to be able to say that I’ve made great strides in a positive direction. I can take on so much more than just the basic acts of self-care I mentioned here. But even if that’s all we do, and we’re truly trying out best, it’s important not to beat ourselves up over it. I hope you are doing well wherever you are and having a fantastic week 🙂

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