I’m alive and it’s 2018.

I’ve put so many more moments into thinking about health blogging than actually doing so that I realized I’ve become stuck in the inertia of never actually making a concrete dent in the piles of topics I could address here.

So, here I am today with one of those cliche “it’s-been-awhile-I’m-sorry-I’ve-neglected-this-blog” updates in an attempt to break the pattern of lost months with nothing to show for them.

Between a tumultuous relationship, family upheaval, and ongoing health issues, the past year plus hasn’t been particularly, uh, inspiring to say the least. I’ll sum it up by saying that it’s been the most soul-crushing year of my existence, no exaggeration. On the bright side: I made it throughnot emotionally intact but at least physically aliveand the majority of days I’m at least waking up with the spirit that everyday is a new opportunity to push past the wounds of the past. It’s usually a fleeting spirit as the day wears on, but the spirit exists nonetheless.

sunset, 2018, new start

Enough of the doom and gloom. I’m genuinely looking forward to returning to the blogging community, reconnecting with the good folks at phoenixrising.me, and sharing what’s been thrown at me health-wise over the past while.

I’m still under the care of Dr. Kaufman (formerly of the Open Medicine Institute; now working out of the Center for Complex Diseases) and we’re tackling what looks to be tickborne disease, mast cell activation syndrome, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and a PANDAS-like illness. In addition, I’ve started taking my diet more seriously and for the past two months I’ve dabbled on and off the paleo diet. Consider all those topics a preview of what’s to come!



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