On Gratitude, and Making the Jump to a Self-Hosted Blog (Part 1)

For Part 2, visit www.wherearemypillows.com

To all of the people who have commented on my blog, liked a post, clicked the follow button, and/or interacted with me via my @wherearemypillows handle in some manner or another: Thank you for being part of this blogging adventure with me!

While I’m still pretty new to the game (taking this more seriously only since February), I am overjoyed by the response I’ve received from putting my thoughts out here on this small corner of the internet. It’s been rewarding in ways I didn’t expect to experience, and I am grateful for the positive impact this has had on my road to better health.

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve made the jump to a self-hosted blog in order to more firmly establish my blogging voice on the web, and to have more freedom over the customization of my site. The past couple weeks have been busy with figuring out how to make that switch and planning a blogging roadmap for the months to come!

That said, there’s something important here to note. If you clicked the “Follow” button on my http://www.wherearemypillows.wordpress.com site at any time in the past, wordpress.com would have sent you an email each time I published a new post. But because my content will no longer be hosted by wordpress.com, you will no longer be receiving those email updates from me unless you join me over at my new site.

If you’d like to keep in contact, please head over to www.wherearemypillows.com and consider becoming an email subscriber. I’ll still be writing the same health-focused content and I would love to see you over there!

Until next time 🙂

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